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Compulsory courses
Bachelor Programme in Computer Game Programming

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Programme content and structure

A Bachelor of Science degree from the program in Computer Game Programming (180 credits) requires (mandatory courses): Base courses 37,5 credits, Core courses 120 credits, electable courses 7,5 credits and thesis work of minimum 15 credits. Internships during the study period is recommended but not required for graduation. The programme is located at Campus Skellefteå. For admission to the degree project course entry requirements specified in the Course Syllabus must be completed. Information regarding the application- and admission process is given and ensured by the responsible department.


The programme consists of 180 Credits


Entry requirements

In order to meet the general entry requirements for first cycle studies you must have successfully completed upper secondary education and have documented skills in English language +
Upper secondary school courses English 6, Physics 2, Chemistry 1, Mathematics 3c or Mathematics D.

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The selection is based on final school grades or Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test.

Compulsory courses

Compulsory courses: 37.5 Credits

Code Course Cr Level Comment
F0060T Mechanics and Experimental Methods 7,5 First level
G0010N Industrial Management with a Sustainability Perspective 7,5 First level
M0050M Basic Mathematics and Derivatives 7,5 First level
M0051M Integrals, Vectors and Matrices 7,5 First level
M0052M Differential Equations and Transform Theory 7,5 First level

Compulsory courses: 112.5 Credits

Code Course Cr Level Comment
D0009E Introduction to Programming 7,5 First level
D0037D Object oriented programming 7,5 First level
D0041D Data structures and algorithms 7,5 First level
S0003E Game development project 15,0 First level
S0005E Introduction to game development 7,5 First level
S0009E Computer graphics programming 15,0 First level
S0010E Software Engineering 7,5 First level
S0011E Game engine architecture 15,0 First level
S0012E Computer Game Systems 15,0 First level
S0013E Game Physics and Research Fundamentals 15,0 First level

: 30 Credits

Credits för optional courses

Optional space is 15 credits. Within the optional space of the programme it is possible to chose optional courses. The given number of credits must be met for degree.

Code Course Cr Level Comment
S0003D Thesis, computer games 15,0 First level
S0007E Specialisation project in game development 15,0 First level Selectable