Tiominutersstaden Luleå

Close to everything

It is somewhat of a myth that distances are long here in the north of Sweden, at least if you decide to move to Luleå. The capital of the Norrbotten County is known for its short distances. Most of the things you need to do are rarely longer than ten minutes away.

Sometimes it's nice to take a break from studies and do something else. Luleå offers a rich variety of experiences and activities, all within easy reach.

City center

It takes only ten minutes by bus to go from the university to the city center of Luleå. In winter time people love to spend time at the ice track that surrounds the town's core. On the track, you can get around on foot, skates or sled.

The city of Luleå offers a large variety of restaurants, cafes and shops. You will also find Kulturens hus with the public library, art gallery and concert halls. Norrbottensteatern is also an important part of Luleå's cultural life.


Luleå Airport is the fifth largest airport in Sweden, only ten minutes away from downtown Luleå. You can also go by train, and one tip is to take the train north to experience the majestic mountains or to go skiing in a Swedish winter idyll.

A novelty, even for residents of Luleå, is that the railroad between Luleå and  Kiruna is about to be trafficed by express trains.


A recreation area with nicely groomed ski trails and a small ski slope. A new snowmaking system makes it possible to go skiing from November. Ormberget is just a few kilometres away from campus.


Storheden is the largest commercial area in the northern half of Sweden with stores such as Biltema, Elgiganten Megastore, Media Markt, Stadium Outlet, Jula, Coop Forum and ICA Maxi. You can reach Storheden by car within ten minutes.

Gammelstad Church Town

In 1996 the church town of Gammelstad just outside of Luleå was added to the world heritage list by UNESCO. It is the largest and best preserved church town with more than 400 church cottages gathered around a medieval stone church. It is a pleasant day trip where you also will find the open-air museum Hägnan.


Luleå offers many scenic spots and has a lovely archipelago, that is also accesible in the winter thanks to the many ice roads. Luleå has a strong tradition of fishing with a variety of water types. In Luleälven for example, you can fish for salmon and trout. In the district Hertsön there is a lake planted with trout and char.


Luleå is a town that has a great passion for sports and you can engage in all kind of sporting activities, both winter and summer. You can also watch our elite ice hockey team at Coop Arena or watch our two elite teams in basketball at Pontus Arena.