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Master Programme in Exploration and Environmental Geosciences

Master Programme in Exploration and Environmental Geosciences

120 Credits, Programme, master's level
The programme will provide you as a student with cutting edge knowledge in exploration geology and environmental geosciences used by earth scientists active in mineral exploration, mining, and remediation of mine sites. The programme covers aspects necessary for an environmental aware geoscientist.

The teaching is in English, and the programme offers two specialisations for the students, which are exploration and environmental geosciences. Luleå University of Technology is the northernmost technical university in Scandinavia. It is located 100 km south of the Arctic Circle at the Gulf of Bothnia, a part of the Baltic Sea. The location gives you an unprecedented opportunity to experience the Nordic environment with its contrasts between the gleaming winter, and the warm, sunny summer.


When it comes to research and education Luleå University of Technology is Sweden’s leading university with respect to the mineral value chain, from exploration, to processing, and mining of metal ores, to the metallurgical final metal product, and environmentally sound closure of old mines. The program is cutting edge and conducted in close cooperation with the industry. As a student in this program, you will get the skillsets needed for an overall picture and competence in exploration and environmental geosciences that is sought after and necessary for the global mining industry. 

The university’s location close to the largest mining operations in Sweden, with the possibility for site-visits and guest lectures, provide you as a student the chance for an engaging educational experience. The program has several project-based courses, to promote learning and cooperation between the classmates, to ensure you are ready to fast track your future career when graduating. Before the final thesis project, you will get to do a senior design project where you can use the time to do pretty much any type of project you would like. This is a great opportunity to get a head start on your final thesis, collaborate with companies, and sharpen your competence with something of your own choosing. 

The program staff has networks and collaboration all around the world which may offer possibilities for collaborative projects with other universities with similar subjects, as well as international MSc thesis work. The program has established student exchange programs with at least five other European universities with geoscience programs. This program provides you with an excellent opportunity to gain access to methods, tools, knowledge and skills for an international career and the abilities to be part of developing the future conditions for mining operations and for society at large.  


Exploration geosciences
This specialisation includes ore geology, geophysical and petrophysical exploration methods, mineral economy, and deposit evaluation. Are you interested in the global competition for securing the world’s demand of metals and non-metallic resources? Would you like to work outdoor in remote areas? Then this is the choice you should make.

Environmental geosciences
In this specialisation teaching includes environmental geochemistry, environmental monitoring, and geochemical modelling among other courses. If you want to understand how geology and the environment are linked together, how nature respond to natural and anthropogenic chemical compounds, how we monitor and remediate metal pollutions, then this should be your chosen specialisation.

Career opportunities

This master programme provides skills for work as a geologist or geophysicist in the exploration and mining industry, as a geoscientist with an environmental focus, or as an environmental consultant for contaminated soil. If you want to pursue an academic career within exploration and environmental geosciences Luleå University of Technology is an excellent starting point.

Master Programme in Exploration and Environmental Geosciences
Luleå, Normal teaching, Autumn 2023

Startdatum 2023-08-28, w.35 2023
Day-time, 100%

Entry requirements

Bachelors degree of minimum 180 ECTS with at least 60 ECTS in the area of nature resource technology, geology or geoscience.

Good knowledge in English, equivalent to English 6

More information about English language requirements


The selection procedure is based on academic qualifications, quality and quantity aspects

Closed for application

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The programme syllabus includes a description of the programme structure and its courses. The study schedule shows the order in which the courses in the programme are carried out. The qualification descriptor includes local and central requirements that must be met for a particular degree.

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Questions about the programme

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