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From the presentation of Urban Regeneration of Haparanda City Centre in Haparanda City Hall.

Urban Regeneration of Haparanda City Centre

Published: 10 August 2015

Students from the Master Programme in Climate Sensitive Urban Planning and Building at Luleå University of Technology were commissioned to draw up proposals for a new Haparanda Centre. The result of their work was presented in late May in Haparanda City Hall.

The municipality of Haparanda is located some 81 km south of the Arctic Circle by the shores of Torneå River. Its twin city is Tornio, located just across the Torneå river in Finland. This unique configuration has allowed Haparanda to grow and to attract a number of retail firm (e.g., IKEA) to serve the northern part of Scandinavia and Finland’s Lapland.

Examples of the students' work with Haparanda City

–  Haparanda is undergoing a number of urban transformations such as the  development of a shopping area in the northern part of the municipality. However, the municipality wants to strengthen the old city centre. The idea is to complement the shopping-based economy of Haparanda with more cultural functions.The cultural and planning departments in Haparanda have delivered a series of suggestions on how the old city should look like in the near future. Political consensus is needed to go ahead with the project, says Agatino Rizzo, lecturer at Luleå University of Technology.

The partnership between the Municipality of Haparanda and the Master in Climate Sensitive Urban Planning at Luleå University of Technology will be strategic in order to develop a climate-sensitive, urban regeneration project for Haparanda.

Agatino Rizzo

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