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Vision for a future Kalix

Published: 20 February 2017

Students from the Master Programme in Climate Sensitive Urban Planning and Building has developed urban design proposals for the future of Kalix. A quieter, greener and denser city more suited for pedestrians than motorists.

The project team was composed of 12 students with various fields of expertise: five urban planning students and six engineering students (civil, electrical and project management). Each group tried to add value to this urban planning project within their field of expertise.

"The aim was to develop pedestrian traffic in relation to car traffic in a way that would lead to pedestrians getting preference in most traffic situations in the center area. It was most necessary to improve the connections between all the quarters in the center, where there was a wish to simultaneously improve the connection between the center and the green area towards the Kalix river. Generally, the proposal aims to create environments with significantly improved conditions for pedestrian traffic", says Agatino Rizzo, associate professor in architecture at Luleå University of Technology.

In order to achieve a more vibrant, interesting, eventful and especially a more sheltered centrum area, proposals were primarily set on densification of the center area as well as developing inefficiently used areas.

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Agatino Rizzo

Rizzo, Agatino - Professor and Head of Subject

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