Master Programme in Maintenance Engineering

120 Credits, Programme, master's level
Effective operation and maintenance processes are very important for a sustainable future. This Masters program is designed to fulfill both industrial and academic demands so that can pursue a carreer in a technical and competitive industry or academia.

The goal of maintenance is to keep systems free from errors by early identification and prevention of problems. A company's efficiency and profitability depends heavily on their maintenance performance. By improving maintenance , huge savings can be made while quality and reliability are improved. In the Masters program, Maintenance Engineering, you learn to analyze the causes of faults and implement improvements in the process. You 'll also learn how to implement solutions that reduce energy consumption or costly breakdowns, which in turn contributes to a sustainable future.


The Masters program was developed to fulfill both industrial and academic needs. Therefore, the program contains courses designed to hold a high academic level while dealing with real industrial problems. Courses, such as “Condition Monitoring and Condition Based Maintenance” or “Design for Maintenance”, use examples from the industry and state-of-the-art methods to teach the students what is being done today and how to improve upon it. Other courses, like “Internet of Things and signal analysis for condition monitoring” and “eMaintenance: From Data to Decision” are given to help the student develop their skills and knowledge in the how Information Communication Technologies and Industrial Internet can be further implemented in industrial solutions. Our goal is that all students work in a Masters thesis project that relates to the “real world” and companies like LKAB, Vattenfall, Swedish Transportation Authority, SSAB, Boliden, Saab Aerospace, Metso Minerals, ABB, and SCA develop projects for our students.

Labour market

There is an increasing demand for Maintenance Engineers today and with a good education you should be able to implement maintenance techniques in the workplace. Since the program is designed to hold high academic standards, you will work with relevant industrial projects to gain knowledge necessary for both industry and academic careers.

Luleå, Normal, Autumn 2018

Startdatum 2018-09-03, v.36 2018
Daytime, 100%
Entry requirements

Bachelor degree of at least 180 credits or equivalent, which includes courses of at least 60 ECTS in one of the following areas: Maintenance Engineering, Energy Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Civil Engineering or equivalent, and a minimum of 15 ECTS in mathematics.

Documented skills in English language.

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The selection procedure is based on academic qualifications, quality and quantity aspects

Open for late application
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