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From left: Ramin Karim, George Nikolakopoulos, Jan Frostevarg and Jörg Volpp. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Researchers on IVA's prestigious 100 list

Published: 10 May 2021

Three research projects from Luleå University of Technology are included at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences' (IVA) 100 list 2021. This year's focus is society's ability to prepare for and handle crises.

IVA's choice of theme for this year's 100 list is a direct result of the corona pandemic.
– With IVA's 100 list, we want to shed light on the need for researchers and companies to find each other and collaborate on the societal challenges we face. By building bridges between academia and business, we give research with the potential to change the world a greater opportunity to be turned into actual benefits and thereby increased Swedish competitiveness, says Tuula Teeri, CEO of IVA.

Among the selected research projects are three from Luleå University of Technology:

AI Factory, with Ramin Karim, professor of operation and maintenance, as research leader.
Motivation: The ongoing digitalisation and implementation of AI-technologies in industry is highly dependent on availability and accessibility of data and models. AI Factory (AIF) is an innovative digital platform, which materialises our research findings in industrial contexts. AIF is a set of smart cloud/edge-based digital AI-services that are aimed to accelerate digitalisation in industrial contexts. AIF’s provides AI-capabilities across endpoints, e.g. authorities, industries, academia, and SME:s.​ 

– It is honoring to be on IVA's 100 list. It shows the industrial usefulness of our research. At the same time, I would like to thank the research team for their invaluable commitment. The appointment becomes a door opener and makes it easier when we communicate our message and our concept, says Ramin Karim.

RESTORE – REcyclable hydrogen STORage solutions for circular Energy and material flows, led by Jörg Volpp, associate professor of manufacturing systems engineering, and Jan Frostevarg, senior lecturer in manufacturing systems engineering.
Motivation: Jan and Jörg work for the development of an advanced welding technology for hydrogen storage units and direct recycling of metal. Both contribute to the transition to a green society. The scalable hydrogen storage units are easy to transport and enable complete recyclability. The direct recycling is based on a smart control of molten metal and enables local repair, innovative products and a reduction of transport and energy losses from waste to product. Direct recycling will enable local industries to produce new complex products using additive methods. The approach enables new ways of storing energy for community preparedness in the event of disasters, while at the same time enabling sustainable growth.

– To be on this list is an honor and an opportunity to make our efforts visible. It can contribute to more opportunities to realize our ambitions in energy-efficient production, recyclability and solutions for a more stable and environmentally friendly society, says Jan Frostevarg.

Autonomous infrastructure inspection via Vortex robots. The research is led by George Nikolakopoulos, professor of robotics and artificial intelligence.
Motivation: Existing EU policies aiming on strengthening and growth are mainly focused on new developments, omitting investments in inspection and maintenance operations due to traditionally high costs. To overtake this, we developed a novel VORTEX Robotic (VR) technology that aims to increase the inspection efficiency in terms of lower execution times, lower operational costs and higher worker safety.

– It is very nice for all the members of the Robotics and AI subject since it proves that we are working in areas that have the potential to create a real impact in the society. It is also a proof of technological expertise and high TRL levels for our robotic solutions, a quality stamp that makes us feel very happy, says George Nikolakopoulos, adding:
– We are currently investigating the application of the Vortex concept in other industries and in other applications as well.