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A haptic navigation aid for individuals with visual impairments (2019)

Indoor and outdoor feasibility evaluations of the LaserNavigator
Röijezon. U, Prellwitz. M, Ahlmark. D, van Deventer. J, Nikolakopoulos. G, Hyyppä. K
Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness, Vol. 113, nr. 2, s. 194-201
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A scaling-up strategy supporting the expansion of integrated care (2019)

a study protocol
Grooten. L, Alexandru. C, Alhambra-Borrás. T, Anderson. S, Avolio. F, Valia Cotanda. E, et al.
Journal of Integrated Care, Vol. 27, nr. 3, s. 215-231
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Gender and diagnostic impact on everyday technology use (2019)

a differential item functioning (DIF) analysis of the Everyday Technology Use Questionnaire (ETUQ)
Kottorp. A, Malinovsky. C, Larsson-Lund. M, Nygård. L
Disability and Rehabilitation, Vol. 41, nr. 22, s. 2688-2694
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Healthcare professionals’ perspective on how to promote older couples’ participation in everyday life when using respite care (2019)

Riekkola. J, Rutberg. S, Lilja. M, Isaksson. G
Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, Vol. 33, nr. 2, s. 427-435
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Life activity choices by people with aphasia (2019)

repeated interviews and proxy agreement
Haley. K, Womack. J, Harmon. T, McCulloch. K, Richard A.. F
Aphasiology, Vol. 33, nr. 6, s. 710-730
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Occupational Therapists’ Interactions With Older Adult Caregivers (2019)

Negotiating Priorities and Expertise
Womack. J, Lilja. M, Dickie. V, Isaksson. G
OTJR (Thorofare, N.J.), Vol. 39, nr. 1, s. 48-55
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Patterns of participation (2019)

Facilitating and hindering aspects related to places for activities outside the home after stroke
Malinowsky. C, Olofsson. A, Nyman. A, Larsson-Lund. M
Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy
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Perceived occupational balance in people with stroke (2019)

Kassberg. A, Nyman. A, Larsson-Lund. M
Disability and Rehabilitation