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COPILOT – Development and Implementation of International Cooperative Online Intercultural Learning (2022)

Todorova. L, Fattinger. E, Url. E, Vandemaele. S, Pott. U, Strebel. H, et al.
Journal of Occupational Therapy Education, Vol. 6, nr. 2
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Designing inclusive playgrounds in Switzerland: why is it so complex? (2022)

Wenger. I, Prellwitz. M, Lundström. U, Lynch. H, Schulze. C
Children's Geographies, s. 1-15
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How do community based dementia friendly initiatives work for people with dementia and their caregivers, and why? (2022)

A rapid realist review
Thijssen. M, Daniels. R, Lexis. M, Jansens. R, Peeters. J, Chadborn. N, et al.
International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, Vol. 37, nr. 2
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Information and communication technology in home-based rehabilitation – a discussion of possibilities and challenges (2022)

Nyman. A, Zingmark. M, Lilja. M, Guidetti. S
Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy
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Optimising the development of sustainable internet-based occupational therapy interventions: Important key actions and perspectives to consider (2022)

Larsson Lund. M, Månsson Lexell. E, Nyman. A
Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, Vol. 29, nr. 4, s. 259-269
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Self-initiated management approaches in everyday occupations used by people with acquired cognitive impairment (2022)

Nygård. L, Ryd. C, Astell. A, Nedlund. A, Boger. J, Mäki Petäjä Leinonen. A, et al.
Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, Vol. 29, nr. 2, s. 139-151
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Team-based rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury: a qualitative synthesis of evidence of experiences of the rehabilitation process (2022)

Larsson-Lund. M, Pettersson. A, Strandberg. T
Ingår i: Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine
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The Process of Using Participatory Action Research when Trying out an ICT Solution in Home-Based Rehabilitation (2022)

Nyman. A, Rutberg. S, Lilja. M, Isaksson. G
International Journal of Qualitative Methods, Vol. 21
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A pilot study of children and parents experiences of the use of a new assistive device (2021)

the electro suit Mollii
Nordström. B, Prellwitz. M
Assistive technology, Vol. 33, nr. 5, s. 238-245
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Children’s perceptions of playing on inclusive playgrounds (2021)

A qualitative study
Wenger. I, Schulze. C, Lundström. U, Prellwitz. M
Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, Vol. 28, nr. 2, s. 136-146
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Enacted togetherness (2021)

A concept to understand occupation as socio-culturally situated
Nyman. A, Isaksson. G
Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, Vol. 28, nr. 1, s. 41-45