Agatino Rizzo
Agatino Rizzo

Agatino Rizzo

Associate Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Architecture and Water
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 493438
F247 Luleå

Academic Profile

I work at the intersection of planning, design, and geography in contexts as different as the Arctic (mostly northern Scandinavia), Europe (Sweden, Italy and Malta), and Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Qatar and the UAE).

My work focuses broadly on the resource-urbanization nexus that has led me to generate novel theories such as the intra-rural divides; transdisciplinary urbanism; knowledge megaprojects; predatory urbanism; green resilience; and resourceful communities.

I have worked in a number of externally funded research projects for a combined 15 mEUR. Funders include the Qatar National Research Fund, European Commission's framework programme, Swedish Energy Agency, Formas, and Vinnova.

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Research Projects/Activities


Article in journal

Territories of Extraction (2020)

Mapping Palimpsests of Appropriation
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Urban Planning, Vol. 5, nr. 2, s. 132-151
Article in journal

Energy-efficiency measures for heritage buildings (2019)

a literature review
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Sustainable cities and society, Vol. 45, s. 231-242
Article in journal

Lyssna på forskningen (2019)

Den visar på avregleringens problem
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Dagens nyheter, nr. 10/21/2019