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Emelie Hedlund Nilsson
Emelie Hedlund Nilsson

Emelie Hedlund Nilsson

Externally employed doctoral student, Municipal PhD
Luleå University of Technology
Urban Water Engineering
Architecture and Water
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering

Emelie's research work concerns stormwater management in subarctic climate and the challenges that come with sno deposits in cities. The reserach will focus on investigating the possibility of multifunctional areas in subarctic cities, where the goal for the area is to function as a snow deposit during winter and during summer handle meltwater and stormwater. Emelie is a municipal doctoral student at Luleå municipality and the research is part of the research program "DRIZZLE Center of Excellence", a project with several stakeholders focused on developing a visionary and sustainable stormwater system for the future.

Emelie started as a municipal doctoral student at VA-Teknik at LTU in June 2019.
Emelie has a Master of Science degree in Natural Resource Technology with focus on environment and water at LTU. Within her master's thesis project Emelie built a pilot filter for an experiment with biological oxidation of iron and manganese in raw water from water works. The experiment lasted for a year and was carried out in collaboration with Luleå municipality.

Research projects


Conference paper

Evaluation of Snow Management using Green Infrastructure in Subarctic Climate (2022)

Hedlund Nilsson. E, Broekhuizen. I, Muthanna. T, Viklander. M
Paper presented at : EGU General Assembly 2022, Vienna, Austria, 23–27 May 2022

Student thesis

Student thesis

Biologisk avskiljning av järn och mangan i grundvattenverk (2019)

En studie i Klöverträsk med avseende på beredningsuppehåll och årstidsvariationer i råvattenkvalitet
Hedlund Nilsson. E
Engineering and Technology, Natural Resources Engineering, master's, Student thesis, at least 30 credits