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Viktor Gardelli
Viktor Gardelli

Viktor Gardelli

Senior Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology
Education and Languages
Department of Health, Education and Technology
+46 (0)920 491550
R127 Luleå


Dr. Viktor Gardelli conducts research concerning Philosophy with Children and philosophical dialogs, e.g. within the a research project concerning people with afaasia, funded by Vinnova, and the research project "Education for participation - Philosophizing back a "new" life after acquired brain injury", which was funded by the Swedish Research Council, ethics (e.g. ethics of education and ethics education), logic and argumentation, philosophy of education, philosophy education, etc.

Dr. Gardelli is a researcher in the ArcTech Learning Lab, a leading research center for digital learning. 

His doctoral thesis concerned ethics in school, philosophy of education and philosophy education – particularly in relation to technology – and can be found here

Viktor has interest and experience in multidisciplinary research projects. Those who are interested in discussing a potential research collaboration are welcome to reach out and contact him. 

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Viktor currently teaches in various courses, mainly specialising in ethics (incl. research ethics), critical thinking (incl. logic, argumentation) and philosophy of science and epistemology. For example, he teaches these subjects in different courses included in various programmes, such as teacher education, the special teacher education programme, the programme for fire protection engineers, and the programme for jurisprudence. 

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Internal matters

During his doctoral studies, Viktor was active in the PhD Student Association, among other things as vice president and member of the board, as representative in the special group for third cycle education, as a member of the executive board for the department of education, and – happily – as a member of the social activities group.

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External matters

Dr. Gardelli is the editor at for the topic philosophy for children: ethics. He is also a board member of the research committé for the International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children, ICPIC. He is a co-founding member of the Nordic Research Network for Philosophy with Children, and a member of the nordic society of Philosophy with Children. He is also a member of The Nordic Society for Philosophy of Education.

My Background

PhD, M.A. and B.A.
Studied at LTU, Örebro University and Stockholm University.

CV and other documents



Article in journal

Beyond Structure: Using the Rational Force Model to Assess Argumentative Writing (2023)

Backman. Y, Reznitskaya. A, Gardelli. V, Wilkinson. I
Written Communication, Vol. 40, nr. 2, s. 555-585
Article in journal

’You Talk and Try to Think, Together’ - A Case Study of a Student Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder Participating in Philosophical Dialogues (2023)

Gardelli. V, Backman. Y, Franklin. A, Gardelli. Å
Childhood & Philosophy, Vol. 19, s. 1-28
Conference paper

App-supported Philosophical Dialogues: Designs, challenges and Participants’ Experiences (2022)

Backman. Y, Gardelli. V, Parnes. P
Paper presented at : 20th Biennial ICPIC Conference – Philosophy in and beyond the classroom: P4wC across Cultural, Social, and Political Differences, Tokyo, Japan [ONLINE], August 8-11, 2022