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Welcome to Student Health Services!

Student Health Services is there to help and inspire you who study at the University to feel good in both body and soul. Student Health Services focuses on preventive health care and is a complement to public and private health and medical care. At Student Health Services, there are student councellors and health educators.

Due to the current pandemic, the meetings is digitally. You are welcome to email each function .

Meet our Health Motivators

We are here to pep and inspire you to have better health!

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Want to be a Health Motivator?!

Motivate your peers to enjoy a healthier lifestyle!

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Health Profile

Take care of your health - book a Health Profile with a health counselor and keep track of your lifestyle and what you can do to improve your health. A healthy lifestyle contributes to a more meaningful leisure time and a healthier student life. A Health Profile is there to motivate and create insight into lifestyle change.