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Exchange studies

Exchange agreements with other universities pave the way for well-managed exchange programmes for undergraduate studies. Luleå University of Technology cooperates with universities worldwide. We also take part in the ERASMUS programme, as well as ISEP (the International Student Exchange programme), which is American-based, and NORDPLUS within the Nordic countries. Each year, there are about 400 exchange students at Luleå University of Technology.

To enable exchange students to fulfill their studies in the best possible way, we hold more than 200 courses in English. Most courses are held at Luleå campus, but there are also courses taught in English at Kiruna space campus and Piteå campus. The courses available are mainly senior undergraduate (upper division) courses, and it should be noted that the courses are single-subject courses and do not combine to a final degree at Luleå University of Technology. You thus become member of a regular teaching group together with the Swedish students, and you will all use English as a common language.

This opportunity is intended solely for students enrolled in a study programme and provided there is a reciprocal exchange agreement between the home university and Luleå University of Technology. You can only apply as an exchange student through your home institution. Two years of studies are required for all exchange students before attending LTU. For more information on exchange studies, please read under Practical Guide for Exchange Students.