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P7005K, Hydrometallurgy

Published: 22 April 2006


This course will give the student a fundamental knowledge, from both chemical and technical viewpoints, of hydrometallurgical recovery of metals from ore and ore concentrates. This entails study of certain unit operations including leaching, liquid extraction electo-winning etc.

Recommended prerequisites

Inorganic chemical reaction theory, electrochemical equilibria and chemical thermodynamics.

Course contents

Introduction: Comparison of pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical process technology. Overview of hydrometallurgical unit operations and processes.

Hydrometallurgical phase diagrams: Solubility and Pourbaix diagrams.

Leaching: Theory, reagents, methods and materials.

Solution purification: Chemical precipitation, cementation, crystallisation, ion-exchange and solvent extraction.

Metal recovery: Electrolytic processes (electrorefining, electrowinning, smelt electrolysis) and gas reduction.

Hydrometallurgical processes: Examples of hydrometallurgical applications with environmental considerations.

Laboratory exercises: Leaching and solvent extraction.

PC exercise: Construction of Pourbaix diagrams with FactSage software.

Teaching block

The teaching block consists of lectures, compulsory laboratory exercises and a study visit.

Examination block

The examination block consists of approved laboratory reports and written exam with differentiated grades.

Grading scale: U, 3, 4, 5


Exam 4

Lab 1

Other information

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