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Compulsory courses
Master Programme in International Business

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Programme content and structure

The master’s program in international business is given entirely in English, comprises two years of full-time studies (120 ECTS credits) and leads to a master's degree. It is open for international admission. During the first semester you will study courses specializing in international business and marketing. The whole second semester is reserved for optional courses. For example, you can choose to study abroad at one of our partner universities, or get practical experience by enrolling in a project course at a workplace of your choice. In year two you will study three additional courses in international business and marketing, as well as a course in e-business. The last semester involves writing your master’s thesis.   The program comprises in total 120 credits, of which 90 credits are compulsory courses at an advanced level (including thesis), and 30 credits are optional courses. The program is provided at the campus in Luleå.   For admission to the thesis/degree project course, the entry requirements specified in the course syllabus should be met. Information about application and admission processes for the degree project is provided by the department responsible for the course. Swedish for beginners is offered to overseas students. The course is not included in the degree, and is read in addition to the compulsory courses.


The programme consists of 120 Credits


Entry requirements

Bachelors degree with a minimum of 180 ECTS, of which at least 60 ECTS in the area of business administration or a closely related area. Qualified professional experience of at least four (4) years at a managerial level including financial responsibility could be regarded as corresponding to business administration.

Good knowledge in English, equivalent to English 6

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The selection procedure is based on academic qualifications, quality and quantity aspects

Compulsory courses

Compulsory courses: 90 Credits

Code Course Cr Level Comment
M7004N Marketing Management 7,5 Second level
M7009N Service Marketing 7,5 Second level
M7030N Strategic Brand Management: Global Perspective 7,5 Second level
M7032N Master Thesis, Business administration, international business 30,0 Second level
M7034N Global Marketing Strategy 7,5 Second level
M7035N Market Research for Business Decisions 7,5 Second level
M7038N Cross-cultural management 7,5 Second level
R7011N Global Financial Management 7,5 Second level
W7004N Strategies for e-Business 7,5 Second level

Course offered outside the obligatory courses - not compulsory - For non Scandinavian students

Code Course Cr Level Comment
S0046P Swedish for International Students 1 3,0 First level Selectable

Optional space: 30 Credits

Credits for optional courses

Optional space is 30 credits. Within the optional space of the programme it is possible to chose optional courses. The given number of credits must be met for degree.

Code Course Cr Level Comment
D0002N Knowledge Management 7,5 First level Selectable
E0009S English for Professional Purposes 7,5 First level Selectable
M0029N Branding You 7,5 First level Selectable
M7020N Industrial Markets and Networks 7,5 Second level Selectable
M7021N Negotiations and sales calls 7,5 Second level Selectable
M7040N Organisation based project in international business 15,0 Second level Selectable
O7014N Advanced project management 7,5 Second level Selectable
S0008A Team and Teamwork 7,5 First level Selectable