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Study Information Security at Luleå University of Technology

International focus
The programme is international; instruction is given entirely in English, and students from all around the world study together in the same "classroom". Most of our students come from Asia and Europe. The programme also takes into account the various standards (NIST, IEC) of different continents. Students must be able to perform work in their homeland.

We strive to:
Combine theory and practice in all courses of the programme, which helps students to grasp and understand benefits and weaknesses with theoretical concepts and methods used in information security management and engineering. For example, during one of the project courses students can work with real world problems together with a company that they have selected themselves.

The education can get you a job
Many students get jobs after completion of the programme. Some are already working when they take the courses, and afterwards they attain new leadership roles in their workplace. The possibilities are endless - your workplace can be anywhere in the world.

Not only technology
Information security is about much more than just technology. The programme is characterised by a socio-technical approach that includes how to understand people’s security behaviour, organisational routines and how technology plays a role in the shaping of information security practices.