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Mårten Andersson

Meet a teacher – Mårten Landström

Published: 16 January 2015

Mårten Landström is pianist in Norrbotten NEO. When he picks som highlights from his career, he primarily thinks of Lidholms Poesis with Herbert Blomstedt and the Radio Symphony Orchestra in the Berwald Hall, the television production of Stravinsky's Petrushka with the same orchestra, and speaking of Stravinsky - his own transcription of The Rite of Spring for two pianos that I performed with Peter Jablonski while studying at the Royal College of Music. Last but not least: a magical Verklärte Nacht Norrbotten Neo in a crammed community center in Lauker ...

Hello there, who are you?

– I am a pianist and works as accompanist at the school.

In what courses does the students meet you?

– I have both undergraduate and graduate students on the instrumental side. In addition, I help in conducting lessons when no choir or orchestra are available.

How are you as a teacher?

– I would like to say that I am a musician in the first place. I can share with you my wide knowledge of repertoire and rich experience in chamber music at the highest level.

Why is it so fun to teach?

– It's pretty amazing when you get to experience those "aha" moments when the penny drops! The feeling of satisfaction at having followed a process "from farm to table" is hard to beat.

What do you want the students to get from your courses?

– An enhanced ability to make music with others. Music is communication. One must be able to both give and take, be a good listener and able to take initiative when needed. And above all, be honest - a faker will not be long in the music scene. Hopefully!

Why study music at Luleå University?

– The actual training holds high class, and in addition to that it's not entirely unimportant that there are also plenty of practice rooms at the school (which is rarely fully booked). Then there is of course one of Sweden's finest concert halls, Studio Acusticum, directly adjacent. There you can for example listen to regular concerts with the city is proud of Norrbotten Neo and Norrbotten Chamber Orchestra!