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Laureate of the utmost quality

Published: 20 April 2017

Stina Andersson, clarinet player and student at Luleå University of Technology, was recently awarded the Royal Skyttean Society price. Besides the honor she was also awarded a cash prize of 30 000 SEK.

- I'm extremely happy that I have got this award. I was also very surprised and it took a while before I realized it was for real, says Stina Andersson who is studying the third year of the Bachelor's program in music.

An acknowledgment of the hard work

The Royal Skyttean Society writes: "Stina had a very nice development and performed at a high level in various ensemble and orchestral productions. She creates music of great artistic quality and will in all probability make a name for herself in the future as a soloist in a professional context. "

- It's a very good motivation and I am of course happy and proud that they have such nice things to say about me. When I started my training, I decided to really push myself and work hard to develop and it feels extra nice to get confirmation that I actually managed to do it.

Would like to teach

In the future, Stina Anderssons hopes to work with music full time.

- I really like to play in the orchestra, and that's probably the biggest dream. But I also like to teach and would love to work with teaching others to play the clarinet and get them to think it's funny, says Stina Andersson who does not know what she will do with the prize money of 30 000 SEK.

- I am most happy that I have been acclaimed and honored to receive a scholarship that I know very good musicians had before me. But of course I am grateful for the financial contribution as well, although I do not have a specific purpose. I'll probably shop around for courses and lessons of different teachers, and then it's handy. I can also afford to buy very many moves, and you can never have enough, says the happy laureate with a laugh.

How has your time at the School of Music at Luleå University of Technology been?

- It has been very good. There have been many great moments that I will take with me. I have had many challenges over the years and I've been playing a lot of orchestra and ensembles that have helped me in my development.

What has been the best thing with your studies?

- I think the best thing is the good social climate we have at school. We have good cohesion and help each other both when things are going well and when it's a little tough. The best thing about studying here is actually the people. I had never been able to get better classmates than I had.

Do you have any advice for prospective students?

- I'm impressed every day by how good everyone that studies at the Academy of Music is, whether they play an instrument or studying sound engineering, journalist, dancers and more. All effort really to do a good job, and then it will go well in the future, regardless of the goals you have.

The Royal Skyttean Society was formed in 1957 and is one of the 18 royal academies in Sweden. Its mission is to support and recognize Norrland's cultural and scientific development.