David Wahlén

"I want to broaden and deepen my musicianship"

Published: 7 February 2014

David Wahlén is studying the second year of the Master Programme in Music Performance, specialisationing in Conducting. He is 25 years old and comes from Persåsen in Jämtland.

Hey there, who are you?

- I am a musician who began playing the accordion but now also conducts and plays the organ. You can describe me as energetic, stubborn and perhaps also inventive. Nature is close to my heart and the music is very important to me.

Why are you studying the Master Programme in Music Performance?

- I have always been interested in making music. When I took my bachelor's degree in accordion, I had already studied some conducting and applied for the Master Programme. I want to broaden and deepen my musicianship and training allowed me to study conducting but also put some effort into the accordion. That way I get more ways to express myself.

What's the most fun with your education?

- To exercise and explore music! Conducting involves so many different aspects of music making and the Master Programme requires having a critical view on what we are doing. A deeper understanding has always felt satisfying to me. We also get acquainted with life as a professional in our field and I think it's great fun.

What is the hardest?

- We study nine intense weeks per year on location in Piteå, which means you are spending an awful lot of time on your own the other weeks. It is a delicate balancing act to have your other life, while the studies are at 100%. It easily ends up being too much in one direction or the other.

What is it like to study at LTU?

- It is a nice university. The theoretical aspect is present also in the artistic department, which suits me but maybe not everybody. In Piteå we have our own sphere where we operate but we will also travel to Luleå sometimes and make music.

What the students will do in your spare time?

- I run my own business as a freelance musician and teacher, it takes a lot of time. I often get involved with music in one way or another most hours of the day, if I'm not cooking of course, it's nice.