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Fredrik Sandin
Fredrik Sandin, Professor of Machine Learning and teacher at the Master Programme in Applied AI. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

"The mechanisms and physics of our brains and minds are fascinating"

Published: 16 November 2021

Fredrik Sandin is Professor of Machine Learning and interested in brain-like computers and how we can advance sustainable artificial intelligence technologies and solutions with guidance from biology.

In what courses will the students meet you?

– Neural Networks and Learning Machines and Neuromorphic Computing.

What do you want the students to learn from your courses?

– That there are alternative ways to think about information processing and sensing, which are different from the unsustainable digital computing paradigm. The mechanisms and physics of our brains and minds are fascinating and of profound importance for intelligence and society.

Who is this programme for, do you have to be an AI expert?

– You need to have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent, good knowledge in English and basic knowledge in calculus, linear algebra, and programming. Some knowledge of logic or statistics is also needed. In general the idea with our programmes is that they include the introductory subject-specific courses, so you do not need to have an AI background.

Why study Applied AI at Luleå University of Technology specifically?

– Because this programme is firmly grounded in applications of AI and numerous research collaborations with companies with interesting problems and needs to recruit talented AI engineers. Some of our program students also continue as Ph.D. students.

What is the best thing about teaching?

– To meet interested students and experiencing how they discover new concepts about the fascinating world we live in is one of the highlights in life.

Why learn about AI?

– If you did not yet hear about it, search for 'neuromorphic computing', it will transform the world of AI in the next 15 years.