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En Rymdtekniker i Japan, Johan Bjurström

Published: 28 March 2011

As a student in the Space Master you will likely end up at the Department of Space Science in Kiruna in the latter half of the programme. It was there that I discovered an ad on a bulletin board. The ad was about an engineering project for students at Tokyo University.

The project was to design and build a craft that could automatically navigate to a given goal. The design
the vessel was optional, except that it must fit within a cylinder measuring 15 cm in diameter and 30cm in height and weigh less than 1kg. What an interesting challenge, and it would take place in Japan, it was made for me!

I quickly took contact with the persons in charge and sent in my application. The supervisor of the project, Professor Shinichi Nakasuka, thought I could fit for the job and also needed the people in the group. The trip was a fact, I'd finally to Japan.