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Master Programme in Civil Engineering, with specialization in mining and Geotechnical Engineering

Master Programme in Civil Engineering, with specialization in mining and Geotechnical Engineering

120 Credits, Programme, master's level
Soil and rock materials are used in a wide range of applications, this specialization thereby opens up for a variety of work positions and geographic locations. As a student you have the possibility to focus your studies in the areas of rock mechanics, rock technology, geotechnics, and dams.

Beside civil engineering you will also get to study areas such as rock engineering and mineral technology, soil mechanics, ore geology and maintenance engineering. Where you get to take courses in mine automation, rock mechanics, environmental geotechnics, dam safety, design of rock constructions, open pit, and underground mining, applied blasting, soil modelling and foundation engineering. The education aims to provide you with scientifically founded engineering tools and skills in modern mining and geotechnical engineering which are important for the development of our future society.


This programme provides you with opportunities as an engineer within a global market of infrastructure with projects such as tunnels, rock caverns and slopes. You can work as a consultant within rock mechanics, where you might work on different tasks like, inspections, design of constructions, technical reporting in addition to numerical and analytical analysis. 

The education aims to teach you to understand and develop solutions for several of the global goals for sustainable development. The greatest focus is on the goals Sustainable industry, innovations, and infrastructure as well as Sustainable cities and communities. You as a student can specialize in rock engineering, rock- or soil mechanics, as well as production planning and automation. 

The programme has a good cooperation with relevant industry through mining-, consultant- and geotechnical companies to ensure the quality and relevance of the courses. Providing you as a student real life knowledge and tasks in connection to the industry, thereby expanding your knowledge of the field and preparing you for your future career. The teaching is designed to not only provide you with a solid foundation to technically work with large mining and infrastructural projects but to also develop skills within problem solving and communication.
Beside theoretical learning the education is structured to also include group works, laboratory and practical elements, fields studies, project course as well as site visits and industry guest lecturers from mines, contractors, and consultancies. The research performed at Luleå university of Technology connected to this educational program is in the top of the field and our teachers are committed to your learning and are experts in geotechnical engineering, mining, rock engineering, as well as operation and maintenance.

Luleå University of Technology is the only Swedish university offering education in the field of mining and geotechnical engineering and with a strong research and development profile. The Division of Mining and Geotechnical Engineering constitute the biggest research and educational unit for soil and rock related research in Sweden, which is also significant on the European scale. The university is well known for its strong international profile with students and faculty exchanges involving several universities throughout the world.

Sweden is Europe’s leading nation when it comes to mining and metallurgy. Due to the favourable geological conditions in northern Sweden, this part of the country has become one of the major ore producers in the European Union. It is within this environment that the ore and metal producing industry has developed and grown to become a world leader in production efficiency and automation. Providing the students, a unique environment to study in and learn from.

The research area Mining and Rock Engineering comprises mining technology, rock engineering and rock mechanics, including rock mass properties, design of rock excavations in mining, tunnelling, and other underground constructions, as well as planning- and production processes related to both mining engineering and civil engineering for underground constructions.

Whereas the research area of Soil Mechanics includes soil mechanics, soil materials engineering and foundation engineering. The subject applies to civil engineering and infrastructure construction, energy, and mining. 

Labour market

Mining and geotechnical engineering is essential in many fields, soil and rock materials are used in a wide range of applications, thereby this specialization opens many possibilities for future employment with great freedom when choosing your future workplace, both in terms of task and geographic location. You can work as a project manager, consultant or researcher for contractors, government agencies, mining operations, universities, and more.

Master Programme in Civil Engineering, with specialization in mining and Geotechnical Engineering
Luleå, Normal teaching, Autumn 2023

Startdatum 2023-08-28, w.35 2023
Day-time, 100%
Entry requirements

Bachelors degree of minimum 180 ECTS with at least 60 ECTS in the area of mining technology, constructions technology or nature resource technology. At least 22,5 ECTS in Mathematics at university level is required.

Good knowledge in English, equivalent to English 6

More information about English language requirements


The selection procedure is based on academic qualifications, quality and quantity aspects

Open for late application
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The programme syllabus includes a description of the programme structure and its courses. The study schedule shows the order in which the courses in the programme are carried out. The qualification descriptor includes local and central requirements that must be met for a particular degree.

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Hans Åhlin

Hans Åhlin, Senior Research Engineer

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