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Third-cycle studies

Luleå University of Technology offers third-cycle education in two disciplinary domain: humanities-social sciences and technology. The third-cycle program is completed with a doctor's degree: 240 credits, or with a licentiate degree, 120 credits.

The education prepares for a career within as well as outside the academic community and consists of courses and of a thesis.

The University's admission regulations, the applied requirements and rules are stated for recruitment and admission to third-cycle progammes. In the general syllabus for each third-cycle subject area there is a description of: contents and arrangements for that particular program; what entrance qualifications are required; and on what base the assessment of the applicant's ability to complete the program are founded.

Most doctoral students have some form of employment at one of the University's departments. Third-cycle studies can also be financed by employment with an external employer. Admission of doctoral students with support by scholarships is generally not permitted, but the Vice-Chancellor may make an exemption for scholaships.