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Student calendar
Vinterfestival 2023
Save the date - Winter festival

This year, the Winter Festival takes place from February 28 to March 3.

Nyhetskort pris
Receive an award for best thesis

Ingeborg Hjorth and Maria Sandlund, receive scholarships for the best thesis from The Björn Wahlström's Foundation.

Farewell ceremony Dec 2022, diploma award Photo: Peder Jonsson
Happy students at the Farewell ceremony

This week, the university organized two farewell ceremonies in Kulturens hus for the students who have taken or are about to take their degree. Approximately 350 happy students were present and received diplomas and congratulations.

Photo: Akademsiak hus
Construction and disturbance info v.6-7

Current events at the university from Akademiska hus. If you haven't downloaded the Mitt Campus app yet, we recommend that you do so. Akademiska Hus regularly updates the information which can be useful on a daily basis.

Student telefon
Student, get access to four news sites free of charge

The university and Norrmedia provide you as a student with free news from four local newspapers: Kuriren, Piteå-Tidningen, NSD and Norran.

Exercise, sports, shoes, dumbbells Photo: Pixabay
Try Group Training

Do you want to start training? Meet other students? Get more energy for studying? Perfect! Now you can try group training with Studenthälsan!

Annonsportalen LTU
The new Ad Portal is live! Find dissertations, internships and job opportunities here

Here you will find dissertations, internships and job opportunities. Connect with the world outside the university and find exciting paths into your future professional life.

Photo: Pixabay
The invasion of Ukraine

Information and recommendations for students and staff on the situation in Ukraine. Expert list for journalists on issues that - directly and indirectly - are affected by the invasion.

Vad är diskriminering
Safety on campus

Luleå University of Technology must be free from discrimination and harassment of all kinds. Students, staff and visitors alike should feel welcome and safe in the university's environment. 

Infographics brand olycka
Incidents or emergencies

What to do and how to report incidents, emergencies or crises

Photo: Petra Älvstrand
Contact Service Point

REGULAR HOURS Weekdays 8:00 to 15:00 Telephone: 0920-49 10 00