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A selection of ordinary undergraduate courses given at Luleå University of Technology (LTU) in the fields of engineering, business administration, music and education can be offered in English.

Here you can find course syllabuses for courses offered in English to exchange students at LTU. You can search by subject area; term; quarter or department. Your can also search for the whole Academic year and for separate campuses.

All of the 250 courses that we offer in English are ordinary courses given in English instead of Swedish to both exchange students and Swedish students. Some courses are offered in a combination of languages. Exchange students with sufficient knowledge of Swedish are welcome to take any suitable course offered at Luleå University of Technology.

Course credit (Swedish system)

Swedish universities have a system of credit points for studies on the undergraduate and graduate levels. One and a half point corresponds to one week of full-time studies, which for the student means approximately 40 study hours per week, although the number of lectures and classes varies. One academic term comprises 20 weeks = 30 hp/ECTS credits. One academic year (40 study weeks) of successfully completed full-time studies gives 60 hp/ECTS credits.

Please note that from Fall 2007 LTU change the creditsystem (hogskolepoang)  1 hp is equal to 1 ECTS credit.

ECTS grades replaced by ECTS Grading Table (EGT) 

Until 2009 national/local grades were to be translated to what was known as the ECTS scale comprising the passing grades A-E. With the ECTS Users’ Guide 2009, however, the ECTS scale was abolished, since it had proved to be difficult to implement and therefore had not been generally accepted. It was replaced by the ECTS Grading Table (EGT), which is a table presenting the distribution of the national/local grades

Please, see information sheet below for more information 

Teaching and examinations

Undergraduate studies consists of a combination of lectures, lessons, labs and project works. Written examinations are given at the end of each quarter or term for all the courses given during that period. The examinations can be between two and six hours long. Lab reports and design assignments may also be required.

Enrolling assistance to exchange students

The planning of courses is mostly done by correspondence with Luleå University of Technology previous to arrival. If you are a prospective exchange student, nominated for exchange by your home university, you are to notify Luleå University of Technology of the courses you wish to enroll in by April 15 for autumn term studies and October 15 for spring term studies. Please use the form Proposed Study Plan/Learning Agreement found below. Please read under Application and Admission for complete details about the application process.

Academic Calendar 2016/17

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Academic Calendar 2017/18

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Proposed Study Plan

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ECTS grades replaced by ECTS Grading Table (EGT)

[ /cms_fs/1.30487!/file/ECTS%20REPLACED%20BY%20EGT.pdf]

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