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Applied artificial intelligence

Luleå University of Technology has many years of experience in applied artificial intelligence. Our ecosystem of AI-related research links directly to real-world applications in companies and industries. We contribute to safe and measurable AI innovations that make a difference in everyday life and that benefit society at large.

AIF Construction
The university will develop AI and digitalisation in the construction industry

The AI Factory project at Luleå University of Technology is now being further expanded with AIF Construction, with the construction industry. AIF Railway and AIF Mines already exist. Research, companies and authorities collaborate in the projects. "Our goal is for AI to be an important tool in supporting and simplifying the industry's work", says Ramin Karim, professor and executive director.

Autonomous drones carrying out dangerous mining work

The vision is that in the mines of the future, machines will do all the work. To realize this vision, you must develop an essential element – something else that can perform dangerous tasks efficiently and independently.