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About Swebrec

Published: 13 April 2015

Swebrec focuses on blasting in rock and its effects, from environmental effects of blasting to mine production. The research projects are divided into:

  • Research portfolio (annually revised)
  • Joint projects with other academic partners and industry
  • Contract research


Swebrec is an internationally established center of excellence in the blasting community. Swebrec will have a large academic and industrial network, which creates benefits for its stakeholders. National and international researchers in rock engineering should have a good knowledge of our business and are seen as the strongest partner in civil blasting technology


  • The strongest partner in civil rock blasting
  • First-class research results
  • Initiate and execute new research projects that could provide opportunities for our stakeholders
  • Actively network around the research community to both share research findings and get updated with the latest research results

The current projects are mainly applied research projects, where the research is carried out as joint projects with industrial partners.

Swebrec works widely over the TRL-scale; from fundamental understanding of rock breakage and explosives to implementation of new technologies and methods.


  • Provide specialist knowledge
  • Educate researchers
  • Educate future staff amongst stakeholders and industry
  • Establish and maintain a critical number of researchers who develops knowledge that might not be possible at a single stakeholder in the industry
  • Strengthen partners competitiveness and their sustainability
  • Reduce time from research results to implementation in the industry

Our main stakeholders:

Swebrec is a part of Luleå Technical University and all staff is employees of the Division of Mining and Geotechnical Engineering. Depending on the project focus, resources can be added internally with different areas of expertise.