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From projects to business

CDT is a research, design and innovation joint venture between the core partners Luleå University of Technology, and the IT industry. CDT offers an integrated environment of people, infrastructure, tools, processes and services for research, development and test of new and emerging distance-spanning technologies and its applications.

A main mission of CDT is to run business innovation projects, i.e. projects which bring knowledge based innovation into sustainable new business.

A CDT project starts when an idea (based on new knowledge from research) has been evaluated to have a significant business opportunity. The idea may be based on any combination or blend of new technology, identified needs, new business principle or emerging market opportunity.

Are good business innovations driven by needs or emerging technology – arguments are eternal. At CDT we are fine whatever comes first. For certain, it is important that they both are present and can match!

Towards new solutions

During a CDT business innovation project, key assets are created such as architectures, new technology, methods as well as analysis of needs, market and usability aspects.

If successful, the project final delivery is a product/service prototype and a business concept (perceived market, business model and suitable value chain). Normally, final delivery also includes IPR settlement with a ”commercial host” and other necessary preparations for a business exploitation process to ”take over”.

CDT has two partners, Ericsson and Skellefteå municipality.

CDT has a YouTube channel what can be found here: