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Work methods

Published: 10 June 2016

TURSAM - a process to focus on continuous improvement

The working group TURSAM (Applied Maintenancein Collaboration) is a forum for JVTC stakeholders to work together to find areas that can with small means bring great improvements and benefits. Together with stakeholders quickly and efficiently identify areas for efficiency of operation and maintenance of the railway sector. The group is led by a facilitator and meet a few times a year. The group works goal-oriented and with partnering  towards the common objectives:

  • Reduce total cost of maintenance of track and rolling stock - Efficiency Process
  • Optimizing the network capacity and availability of train traffic and track maintenance - Capacity Process
  • Reducing delays i.e. improve punctuality - Train delivery- and quality process

Implementation of FOI

To ensure that the knowledge transfer of the results from research and innovation is carried out to the partners, JVTC has the following requirements on research projects :

  • There should be a clear reciever in the participating organization.
  • The reciever shall have knowledge of the project area in order to continuously control the focus on what is asked and be involved at an early stage in the project.
  • The research project will conclude with a recommendation for further work, benefit from the application and an appropriate packaging of the result.


ePilot is a development and implementation platform, to improve and develop railway maintenance. The goal is to; improve timeliness and minimize disruption in rail traffic and improve the availability and quality and achieve a more efficient maintenance. Expectations are that this is achieved by a direct and rapid decisionsupport for maintenance is developed.

ePilot is a collaboration forum to quickly convert research and applying innovations. To promote collaboration and translating research into practical applications.