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Luleå Railway Research Center

Luleå Railway Research Center (JVTC) is a research center focusing on the development of operation and maintenance of railways. JVTC provides a platform for effective interdisciplinary collaborations between universities, companies and authorities.

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Photo: Thomas Nordmark

JVTC´s business idea is to work together with its stakeholders from the industry to implement applicable R&I within operations and maintenance in order to strengthen the rail transport system. Through research and involvement in the innovation process, JVTC contributes with better concepts, tools and methods to the railway industry. Through our effective results, JVTC is now an obvious part of the national and international research alliances. JVTC are also considered to be an attractive partner who purposefully works for Swedish rail industry and Swedish rail transport to become a world leader in efficiency, quality and flexibility.

The scientific competencies are mainly subject heads, professors and researchers at LTU institutions. Our expertise includes the entire maintenance process, with emphasis on RAMS​4 (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Sustainability, Safety, Security and Supportability), LCC (Life Cycle Cost), risk, maintenance limits, eMaintenance and the development of maintenance strategies, where methods like RAMS and LCC are woven together to a whole. Other areas of expertise are integration between data sources, analysis, maintenance history, management, and procurement.

What is unique about JVTC is the location, the availability of accurate, real time data from Testbed Railway and the cooperation with one of Europe’s largest research groups within operation and maintenance technology. Thanks to its proximity to both the main line and iron ore line, research is made possible that would otherwise be difficult to perform.