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Thematic areas

A thematic area is an important area of knowledge that is needed to enable connected circular economy. It is represented by 1-3 researchers and their role is to carry and develop knowledge in the field, to initiate new projects, and to be the contact person for external stakeholders.

Connected industry

An important prerequisite for tomorrow's circular economy is access to high-quality connectivity, everywhere - a way for industry to discover, identify, track and authenticate products, components, materials, etc. This thematic area brings together the various initiatives and projects that contribute to a future connected industry .


CreAM, Creaternity - AM for circular economy, is one of the thematic areas within Creaternity that deals with Additive Manufacturing (AM), or 3D printing.

Sustainable materials

Sustainable materials (SM) deal with new materials with high sustainability. Sustainable materials are essential for achieving sustainable development, linked to mitigating CO2 emissions and eco/circular economy, with different innovative strategies. Luleå University of Technology has manifold expertise in SM subjects relevant for a circular economy.