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Publications Biochemical Process Engineering

Published: 12 May 2011

Article in journal

A novel approach for the production of green biosurfactant from Pseudomonas aeruginosa using renewable forest biomass (2020)

Hruzova. K, Patel. A, Masák. J, Maťátková. O, Rova. U, Christakopoulos. P, et al.
Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 711
Article, review/survey

An Overview of Potential Oleaginous Microorganisms and Their Role in Biodiesel and Omega-3 Fatty Acid-Based Industries (2020)

Patel. A, Karageorgou. D, Rova. E, Katapodis. P, Rova. U, Christakopoulos. P, et al.
Part of: Microorganisms
Article in journal

Co-production of DHA and squalene by thraustochytrid from forest biomass (2020)

Patel. A, Liefeldt. S, Rova. U, Christakopoulos. P, Matsakas. L
Scientific Reports, Vol. 10
Chapter in book

Coupling of microbial electrosynthesis with anaerobic digestion for waste valorization (2020)

Aryal. N, Ghimire. N, Bajracharya. S
Part of: Advances in Bioenergy