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Corporate paternalism on the rocks (2021)

a historical analysis of power relations in a mining town
Sandström. J, Persson. C
Management & Organizational History
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Drivers of cost and time overruns: A client and contractor perspective (2021)

Dahlin. P, Pesämaa. O
Organization, Technology and Management in Construction: an International Journal, Vol. 13, nr. 1, s. 2374-2382
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Publishing quantitative papers with rigor and transparency (2021)

Pesämaa. O, Zwikael. O, HairJr. J, Huemann. M
International Journal of Project Management, Vol. 39, nr. 3, s. 217-222

The Covid-19 pandemic and regional economic resilience in northern Finland, Norway, and Sweden – a pre-study (2021)

Simonen. J, Moilanen. M, Westin. L, Hersinger. A, Østbye. S, Svento. R, et al.
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Absorptive capacity, co-creation, and innovation performance (2020)

A cross-country analysis of gazelle and nongazelle companies
Dahlin. P, Moilanen. M, Østbye. S, Pesämaa. O
Baltic Journal of Management, Vol. 15, nr. 1, s. 81-98

Business Index North (2020)

A periodic report with insight to business activity and opportunities in the Arctic
Middleton. A, Hersinger. A, Bryksenkov. A, Mineev. A, Dybtsyna. E, Bullvåg. E, et al.
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Call for papers (2020)

Performance Measurement in Project Management
Pesämaa. O, Bourne. M, Bosch-Rekveldt. M, Kirkham. R, Forster. R
International Journal of Project Management, Vol. 38, nr. 8, s. 559-560
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Exploring the business logic behind CSR certifications (2020)

Dahlin. P, Ekman. P, Röndell. J, Pesämaa. O
Journal of Business Research, Vol. 112, s. 521-530
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Fly-in/fly-out and the fragmentation of communities (2020)

A case study of a uranium mine on indigenous land
Jensen. T, Sandström. J
Journal of Rural Studies, Vol. 78, s. 78-86

Innovative Businesses in the Arctic (2020)

Many ways to success
Middleton. A, Pesämaa. O, Dahlin. P, Mineev. A, Bullvåg. E
Article in journal

Neoliberal trajectories in mining (2020)

Comparing Malmfälten and the Pilbara
Ellem. B, Sandström. J, Persson. C
European journal of industrial relations, Vol. 26, nr. 3, s. 297-312