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Accounting and Control

Accounting is often described as “the language of business” and it is used to communicate financial and non-financial information internally and externally to the organization. Control refers to the mechanisms used to manage an organization so that it moves towards its objectives.

Accounting is a crucial aspect of managerial aspirations for control, which needs to be considered in relation to a broad set of control mechanisms, decision models and information sources. This makes it important to understand how accounting and control can be designed and used and how it affects - and is affected by - individuals, organizations, and society. In the Accounting and Control Group we aim to contribute to this understanding by conducting research in our broad field of study.

Accounting and control is also a very popular area of study among students in our department, especially among those pursuing engineering and business programs. The second leg of our mission is education and contributing to society through the provision of knowledgeable and skillful individuals with a critical mindset. We believe that the mix of research findings and insights based on hands-on business experience is a good starting point for education in accounting and control. We can help you prepare for a stimulating career with many options including financial and management accounting, control, finance, auditing and management consulting.

Welcome to Accounting and Control!

Uppdragsutbildning ETS
Luleå University of Technology educates officers

Now will Luleå University of Technology train 13 officers from F21 in Luleå and I19 in Boden and Arvidsjaur. – We are one of four universities in Sweden who can provide this kind of academic education to the Swedish Armed Forces, says Kent Nilsson who is responsible for the education.

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Anders Hersinger Professor and Head of Subject, Chaired Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Accounting and Control
Business Administration and Industrial Engineering
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
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