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Engineering Acoustics

Engineering Acoustics comprise method development and modelling regarding generation, propagation, perception and effects of sound and vibration. Applications are mainly within automotive, residential environment and industrial processes.

Our research and education focus on society's and industry's requirements in relation to comfort, health, safety, environment and efficiency. The research is mainly conducted in in relation to automotive NVH, residental and work environments, cross-laminated timber constructions, and process intensification by ultrasound.

The research subject, founded 1989, has produced 22 doctoral dissertations. Today, the research team consists of 4 senior researchers and 4 doctoral students.

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34 million for new mining research

Luleå University of Technology will lead twelve new research projects aimed for increased sustainability and competitiveness in the Swedish mining and metal-producing industry.

Ekofritt rum
In the media: Gordon Dewoon visited the university

Youtuber Gordon Dewoon visited Luleå University of Technology to test the quietest room. Örjan Johansson, professor in engineering acoustics, guided.

Sweet music for microbes

In a new research project, researchers from Luleå University of Technology will investigate how microorganisms in biochemical processes reacts to different sound; audible sound and ultrasound. This is a unique experiment involving two research subjects at the university, Biochemical Process Engineering and Engineering Acoustics.

Gränsöverskridande konst
Innovative art and science

Art can evoke emotions and touch us – make us ask questions, create well-being, or provoke.Art can also help us to communicate experiences and information.When art meets technology, the creativity that exists within each area can together provide new opportunities to solve complex problems.

Lab vid Institutionen för samhällsbyggnad och naturresurser
Sound & Vibration LAB

Advanced equipment and dedicated environments for sound and vibration analysis.

Licentiate thesis, comprehensive summary
Pettersson. M
Part of: Proceedings of the Euroregio / BNAM2022, s. 269-278, European Acoustics Association (EAA), 2022
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