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Adoption Barriers of IoT in Large Scale Pilots (2020)

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Big data analytics of corporate internet disclosures (2020)

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Accounting Research Journal
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Corporate Disclosure via Social Media (2020)

A Data Science Approach
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Chapter in book

Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (2020)

Foundations and Applications in Medical Imaging
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Part of: Deep Learning in Computer Vision
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Editorial on Innovative Network Systems and Applications together with the Conference on Information Systems Innovations for Community Services (2020)

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Efficiency creep and shadow innovation (2020)

enacting ambidextrous IT Governance in the public sector
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European Journal of Information Systems
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Innovation supports for small-scale development in rural regions (2020)

a create, build, test and learn approach
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Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary

Making the Dead Alive (2020)

Dynamic Routines in Risk Management
Lundgren. M
Conference paper

Outlook on Security and Privacy in IoHT (2020)

Key Challenges and Future Vision
Mamdouh. M, Awad. A, Hamed. H, Khalaf. A
Part of: Proceedings of the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision (AICV2020), s. 721-730, Springer, 2020