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Article in journal

AdStop: Efficient Flow-based Mobile Adware Detection using Machine Learning (2022)

Alani. M, Awad. A
Computers & security (Print), Vol. 117
Article in journal

An evaluation of practitioners’ perceptions of a security risk assessment methodology in air traffic management projects (2022)

Bernsmed. K, Bour. G, Lundgren. M, Bergström. E
Journal of Air Transport Management, Vol. 102, s. 102223-102223
Article in journal

Big data analytics of corporate internet disclosures (2022)

Basuony. M, Mohamed. E, Elragal. A, Hussainey. K
Accounting Research Journal, Vol. 35, nr. 1, s. 4-20
Article in journal

Data-Driven Decisions in Smart Cities: A Digital Transformation Case Study (2022)

Osman. A, Elragal. A, Ståhlbröst. A
Applied Sciences, Vol. 12, nr. 3
Article in journal

Data-driven innovation processes within federated networks (2022)

Rizk. A, Ståhlbröst. A, Elragal. A
European Journal of Innovation Management, Vol. 25, nr. 6, s. 498-526
Article in journal

Digital Twins About Humans—Design Objectives From Three Projects (2022)

Bomström. H, Annanperä. E, Kelanti. M, Xu. Y, Mäkelä. S, Immonen. M, et al.
Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering, Vol. 22, nr. 5
Article in journal

Finite state machine for cloud forensic readiness as a service (CFRaaS) events (2022)

Kebande. V, Choo. K
Security and Privacy, Vol. 5, nr. 1
Chapter in book

Review of Blockchain Forensics Challenges (2022)

Kebande. V, Ikuesan. R, Karie. N
Part of: Blockchain Security in Cloud Computing
Article in journal

Towards Agile Cybersecurity Risk Management for Autonomous Software Engineering Teams (2022)

Salin. H, Lundgren. M
Journal of Cybersecurity and Privacy, Vol. 2, nr. 2, s. 276-291
Article in journal

Understanding Users’ Behavior towards Applications Privacy Policies (2022)

Ullah. S, Khan. M, Lee. C, Hanif. M
Electronics, Vol. 11, nr. 2
Conference paper

User-Centred CO-Design in the Pandemic - A Reindeer Case (2022)

Ericson. Å, Lugnet. J, Hatharat. S, Eliasson. L, Wenngren. J
Part of: In Proceedings of the 17th International Design Conference, DESIGN 2022, Dubrovnik, Croatia., 2022
Article in journal

A Blockchain-Based Multi-Factor Authentication Model for a Cloud-Enabled Internet of Vehicles (2021)

Kebande. V, Awaysheh. F, Ikuesan. R, Alawadi. S, Alshehri. M
Sensors, Vol. 21, nr. 18