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AIC3 Laboratory (ICE CUBE)

Published: 26 August 2016

The AIC3 lab is an experimental demonstrator of the Industrial Internet benefits for Industry 4.0.
It combines model of a flexible reconfigurable production system with building automation, energy management and power grid. The key feature is highly distributed automation inspired by the Internet architecture: it is based on peer to peer communication of autonomous actors.

The lab comprises of an integrated model realistically representing material and control flow of production plants connected with the intelligent room/building infrastructure and energy distribution infrastructure. This integration of three different automation domains is a unique feature of the testbed, making it a perfect base for conducting cutting edge collaborative research. 

Watch the Youtube channel of the lab

The laboratory is equipped with robotised automation system model that includes modular reconfigurable manufacturing system with highly distributed automation. It includes a model of robotized discrete manufacturing and logistics (FESTO Prolog Factory) and a model of flexible process technologies integrated into a single process, demonstrating synergies and fusion of design approaches and requirements. 

The testbed also includes the equipment for building automation, SmartGrid automation, wireless sensor networks, robotics and wireless communication. 

Along with the real equipment models, the lab includes powerful simulation facilities, such as CIROS 3D simulator for manufacturing system and the powerful OPAL-RT hardware simulator for SmartGrid modelling. 

The laboratory is involved in a number of research projects, including the H2020 project DAEDALUS and Arrowhead - the largest European project in industrial automation aiming at development and industrial piloting of distributed automation systems based on the Internet of Things technologies.

Structure of the lab / demonstrator


The lab demonstrates factory-wide (cross-sectorial) application of the IEC-61499 platform to manage concurrently real plant, auxiliary, building and grid automation.


Variable layout

variable layout.png

The lab is build as with a highly modular layout making way for on the fly customizable layout. The machines from one festo system can be moved to other festo system in case of downtime, maintenance period or just redudancy. The lab demonstrates this ability.

The autonoums robots have access to every part of the system for easy mobilty and logictics. The building automation panels creates operational conditions dynamically