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Laser beam absorption measurement at molten metal surfaces (2023)

Volpp. J
Measurement, Vol. 209
Article in journal

Multimaterial direct energy deposition: From three-dimensionally graded components to rapid alloy development for advanced materials (2023)

Mueller. M, Labisch. C, Gerdt. L, Bach. L, Riede. M, Kaspar. J, et al.
Journal of laser applications, Vol. 35, nr. 1
Article in journal

Absorbance study of powder conditions for laser additive manufacturing (2022)

Brandau. B, Da Silva. A, Wilsnack. C, Brueckner. F, Kaplan. A
Materials & design, Vol. 216
Article in journal

Acoustic emissions in directed energy deposition processes (2022)

Hauser. T, Reisch. R, Kamps. T, Kaplan. A, Volpp. J
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 119, nr. 5-6, s. 3517-3532
Article in journal

Additive manufacturing of a metallic optical bench—process development, material qualification and demonstration (2022)

Schneider. J, Norman. A, Gumpinger. J, Brückner. F, Bavdaz. M, Leyens. C, et al.
CEAS Space Journal
Article in journal

Angular dependence of coaxial and quasi-coaxial monitoring systems for process radiation analysis in laser materials processing (2022)

Brandau. B, Mai. T, Brueckner. F, Kaplan. A
Optics and lasers in engineering, Vol. 155
Article in journal

Blown powder directed energy deposition on various substrate conditions (2022)

Prasad. H, Brückner. F, Kaplan. A
Journal of Manufacturing Processes, Vol. 73, s. 660-667
Article in journal

Context awareness in process monitoring of additive manufacturing using a digital twin (2022)

Reisch. R, Hauser. T, Lutz. B, Tsakpinis. A, Winter. D, Kamps. T, et al.
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 119, nr. 5-6, s. 3483-3500
Article in journal

Design and Characterization of Al–Mg–Si–Zr Alloys with Improved Laser Powder Bed Fusion Processability (2022)

Belelli. F, Casati. R, Vedani. M, Volpp. J
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions. A, Vol. 53, nr. 1, s. 331-343