Architecture research includes building design, urban and traffic planning, where aesthetics is joined with functional, technical, practical and economic dimensions in relation to people, sustainability, landscape, and the built environment.

We use design and planning methods to deal with the functional, infrastructural, and aesthetic issues pertaining to the built environment and landscape. We work in an interdisciplinary fashion, collaborating with fields such as health science, economy, and energy engineering. The scale of our research varies from the very detailed level to larger structural planning on the regional, national and international levels.

We investigate issues and develop innovative knowledge that are applicable to the planning processes, urban and building performances, and transport solutions. The group has a growing portfolio of projects dealing with circular urban and building processes, urban health, heritage and urban transformation, and transport safety and accessibility.

The architecture group is also responsible for the "urban track" and several undregraduate courses of the 5-year Master of Science in Architectural Engineering which is, by number of students, the largest in the department (SBN). We have a large network of visiting lecturers that participate to the educational activities within our courses.

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