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Publications Operation and Maintenance

Published: 12 May 2011


Article in journal

More effective prognostics with elbow point detection and deep learning (2021)

Baptista. M, Henriques. E, Goebel. K
Mechanical systems and signal processing, Vol. 146
Article in journal

A generic framework for data quality analytics (2020)

Castaño Arranz. M, Gustafson. A, Al-Chalabi. H
International Journal of COMADEM, Vol. 23, nr. 1, s. 31-38
Article in journal

A Novel Angle-Based Learning Framework on Semi-supervised Dimensionality Reduction in High-Dimensional Data with Application to Action Recognition (2020)

Ramezani. Z, Pourdarvish. A, Teymourian. K
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering
Article in journal

Aggregated risk of a series of tunnels on Mumbai–Pune expressway (2020)

Jena. J, Verma. A, Kumar. U, Ajit. S
International Journal of Systems Assurance Engineering and Management, Vol. 11, nr. July, issue 2, s. 357-366
Article in journal

An improved fuzzy inference system-based risk analysis approach with application to automotive production line (2020)

Soltanali. H, Rohani. A, Tabasizadeh. M, Abbaspour-Fard. M, Parida. A
Neural computing & applications (Print), Vol. 32, nr. 14, s. 10573-10591
Article in journal

Collaborating AI and human experts in the maintenance domain (2020)

Illankoon. P, Tretten. P
AI & Society
Article in journal

Compound fault diagnosis for a rolling bearing using adaptive DTCWPT with higher order spectra (2020)

Shao. H, Lin. J, Zhang. L, Wei. M
Quality Engineering, Vol. 32, nr. 3, s. 342-353
Conference paper

Conflict Probability Estimation Using a Risk-Based Dynamic Anisotropic Operational Safety Bound for UAS Traffic Management (2020)

Hu. J, Erzberger. H, Goebel. K, Liu. Y
Part of: AIAA Scitech 2020 Forum, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2020, 2020-0738
Article in journal

Cybersecurity for railways (2020)

A maturity model
Kour. R, Karim. R, Thaduri. A
Proceedings of the Institution of mechanical engineers. Part F, journal of rail and rapid transit, Vol. 234, nr. 10, s. 1129-1148
Collection (editor)

Decision Analytics Applications in Industry (2020)

Kapur. P, Singh. G, Klochkov. Y, Kumar. U
Article in journal

Deep Learning for Track Quality Evaluation of High-Speed Railway Based on Vehicle-Body Vibration Prediction (2020)

Ma. S, Gao. L, Liu. X, Lin. J
IEEE Access, Vol. 7, s. 185099-185107
Article in journal

Deep transfer multi-wavelet auto-encoder for intelligent fault diagnosis of gearbox with few target training samples (2020)

He. Z, Shao. H, Wang. P, Lin. J, Cheng. J, Yang. Y
Knowledge-Based Systems, Vol. 191
Article in journal

Development of a risk-based maintenance decision making approach for automotive production line (2020)

Soltanali. H, Rohani. A, Abbaspour-Fard. M, Parida. A, Farinha. J
International Journal of Systems Assurance Engineering and Management, Vol. 11, nr. 1, s. 236-251
Article in journal

Enhanced deep gated recurrent unit and complex wavelet packet energy moment entropy for early fault prognosis of bearing (2020)

Haidong. S, Junsheng. C, Hongkai. J, Yu. Y, Zhantao. W
Knowledge-Based Systems, Vol. 188
Chapter in book

Evolution of Maintenance Processes in Industry 4.0 (2020)

Thaduri. A, Famurewa. S
Part of: Applications and Challenges of Maintenance and Safety Engineering in Industry 4.0
Article, review/survey

Gear fault models and dynamics-based modelling for gear fault detection (2020)

A review
Mohammed. O, Rantatalo. M
Part of: Engineering Failure Analysis
Article in journal

Homogenization of the 1D Peri-static/dynamic Bar with Constant Micromodulus (2020)

Eriksson. K, Stenström. C
Journal of Peridynamics and Nonlocal Modeling, Vol. 2, nr. 2, s. 205-228
Chapter in book

Integrated RAMS, LCC and Risk Assessment for Maintenance Planning for Railways (2020)

Thaduri. A, Kumar. U
Part of: Advances in RAMS Engineering