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Operation and Maintenance Engineering

Operation and Maintenance Engineering deals with the development of methodologies, models and tools to ensure high system dependability and efficient and effective maintenance processes for both new and existing systems

The subject area of Operation and Maintenance Engineering is multidisciplinary in nature, transcending the boundaries and separating many disciplines of science, emerging technology and arts. The activities of the Division are aligned towards finding synergies with other engineering disciplines and building networks with many active research groups, locally and worldwide. The Division has been successful in obtaining grants from EU and Swedish Research funding agencies like VINNOVA and SSF. The Division has launched an International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management published by Springer. The establishment of SKF- University Technology Center for advanced condition monitoring has provided the Division with a much needed platform for the development of predictive technology. Besides, two eMaintenance Labs are functioning at LTU and LKAB, Kiruna; a Condition Monitoring Lab has been established at the Division. The Division is fully competent and equipped technologically to undertake research work in the emerging areas of big data, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

With the increasing awareness among the industry and academia that maintenance ensures safe and sustainable performance and creates additional value for the business process, the Division has been working collaboratively with industries, academic and research partners.

AIF Construction
The university will develop AI and digitalisation in the construction industry

The AI Factory project at Luleå University of Technology is now being further expanded with AIF Construction, with the construction industry. AIF Railway and AIF Mines already exist. Research, companies and authorities collaborate in the projects. "Our goal is for AI to be an important tool in supporting and simplifying the industry's work", says Ramin Karim, professor and executive director.

Uday Kumar
Rapid digitization of maintenance in the industry

The industry is now undergoing a major change when maintenance is planned and registered digitally. The goal is to make the right efforts at the right time to minimize the number of interruptions in production. “A large part of our research is focused on finding solutions to get there”, says Uday Kumar, professor of operation and maintenance at Luleå University of Technology.

Research projects on prestigious list

Luleå University of Technology has four research projects at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering' (IVA) 100 list 2022. This year's focus is technology in the service of humanity. The selected research projects are all considered to have significant potential to benefit through commercialization, business and method development or societal impact.

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