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Bachelor courses

English is spoken all over the world. More than 400 million people have English as their first language and many more use it as their second language.

Good English skills are essential tools for global communication and open up the world. Many workplaces today require advanced verbal and written communication skills in English, thorough knowledge of English-speaking cultures and social structures, as well as critical and analytical skills in English.

Develop your English

English studies at LTU improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and provide a good foundation for further studies. Our courses also give you insights into the structure of the English language, the history of English, as well as English-speaking cultures and literatures. You will also improve your ability to analyze linguistic, literary and cultural aspects of the language.

Three different courses

LTU offers three bachelor’s degree courses, which can be studied independently. Many of our students are teachers, or student teachers, and the courses can be part of a teaching degree. All courses are online courses and do not require campus presence for seminars or exams. The teaching is online, in the form of live daytime seminars, and through oral and written hand-in assignments.

The courses

English 1 (course code E0024S) is a basic course at university level. The course is not a beginner’s course, but for students who have English B/English 6 from the Gymnasieskolan, or the equivalent. It gives you a broad base for further studies in English. English 1 runs full-time during the autumn. 

English 2 (course code E0025S) is a more advanced course. It requires completion of English 1 and is for students who want to become very good at English and learn more about the English language and about literature in English. English 2 runs full-time during the spring. 

English C (course code E0014S) is a bachelor’s degree (BA) course, that is, you need it to be able to apply for a BA in English. This course is more academic than the previous courses and requires a good command of English already at the outset. The main focus of this course is the degree essay (15 credits) which you will write either in English linguistics or in English literature. The course runs part-time (50%) during the whole academic year. From the academic year 23/24, the course changes names to English 3. 

Career prospects

English skills are necessary in many different areas and situations, both within and outside Sweden. To have studied English at university gives you a career advantage. A good command of English is necessary for higher studies and for most professions. Many students with a bachelor’s degree in English study to become teachers or librarians. English skills are needed in areas such as communication, journalism, medicine and law. English is also needed for those working in administration, tourism and trade, among other areas.