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Process equipment


The lab at Engineering Materials has several furnaces, including:

Nabertherm RHTC 230/15 (tube furnace) , max. 1500 ° C, heating / cooling rate 300 ° C / h

Nabertherm N11 / HR, max. 1,280 ° C

Salt-bath furnace

Sinter furnace , high vacuum

Hot Isostatic Press (HIP)

ABB, Autoclave, RT-2000C: Ar, graphite furnace, max. 2070 bar

Cold Isostatic Press (CIP)

Max. 4500 bar.


PSA-300LC: “low capacity” testing instrument for gas separation studies to evaluate small sample volumes of adsorbate material… with testing protocols for both dual-bed and single-bed R&D applications.

ScanVac Freeze dryer: Low temperature <-110°C gives rapid freeze drying.

Potentiostat GAMRY Reference 3000 : Capable of most electrochemical investigations for corrosion and energy applications. Methods such as electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), potentiodynamic / potentiostatic investigations and zero resistance ammeter (ZRA) are some of the examples of techniques that can be used to investigate the materials.