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Wood and Bionanocomposites

Our research focuses on the development of new materials from renewable resources towards state-of-the-art applications with excellent properties and novel functionalities.

Advanced materials that can be extracted from renewable resources, such as cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and chitin, provide tremendous possibilities in the development of new sustainable products for environmentally friendly applications. The research scope of our group includes energy-efficient isolation of renewable nanomaterials, large-scale manufacturing bionanocomposites, and synthesizing different types of green carbon materials from lignin. The potential of these developed materials for diverse applications are also investigated, such as biomedical, advanced electronics, high-performance constructions, packaging, energy storage, membrane filtration and gas adsorption.




Photo: WISE
WISE kicked off the work in Stockholm

Over 100 people from the WISE program, as well as representatives from industry, recently gathered in Stockholm for the first ever WISE Dialogue. Five representatives from Luleå University of Technology participated.

World-unique hydrogel developed at the university

Researchers at Luleå University of Technology have developed a natural hydrogel that allows for engineering biodegradable wound dressing to protect damaged skin, or 3D-printed artificial body tissue. The synthetic hydrogel currently available on the market is commonly used in contact lenses, wound care and sanitation products. With the ground-breaking new method, a biodegradable gel can now be produced from seaweed at a fraction of the energy and waste costs, and with increased resource-efficiency. The patent has been bought by Norwegian company Alginor ASA, which is currently building a processing plant for north Atlantic seaweed.

Material projects awarded grants in record investment

Luleå University of Technology is awarded research grants for three new doctoral and postdoctoral projects in the first call within WISE (The Wallenberg Initiative Materials Science for Sustainability). WISE is the largest ever investment in materials science in Sweden and will be conducted at seven different universities.