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Vacant master's thesis projects

Master thesis Växjö municipality

Växjö municipality offers a master thesis for one or two students. The topic is selection of materials in water and sewage networks based on climate and environmental impact.

örebro kommun
Master's thesis project at Örebro municipality

How can infiltration & inflow into the sewage network and wastewater treatment plants be reduced? Örebro municipality intends to investigate if measures and solutions implemented in their pipe network are cost-effective and lead to the desired impacts.

Master's thesis projects at the Water Centre for Innovation

The Water Centre for Innovation is located on Campus Roslagen in Norrtälje. Currently, it offers three possibilities for master's thesis projects:

Master's thesis projects at Norrvatten

Do you want to do a master's thesis project that contributes to developing the drinking water supply of the future? Welcome to apply for a master's thesis project at Norrvatten in 2022.

Stormwater retention with open and underground solutions. Photo: Sweco
Master's thesis project on stormwater retention at Sweco

Stormwater retention - a comparison of open solutions and solutions underground

WATER Härnösand
Master's thesis projects at Härnösand Energi & Miljö

Härnösand Energi & Miljö offers master's thesis projects in drinking water supply, sewage management, stormwater and sewers.

Completed master's thesis projects

Master’s thesis on pollutant removal performance of biofilter materials in a Swedish climate

Anna Träff has completed her master's studies of Natural Resource Engineering, specializing in Environment and Water, at Luleå University of Technology.

Methods for flow measurement in small watercourses

Linus Nyström, who studied the Master Programme in Natural Resources Engineering, tested in his master thesis project "Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling for streamflow measurements in subarctic climate" different methods for flow measurement in several small watercourses in Norrbotten.

Green roofs for reduced runoff in a subarctic climate?

How well do green roofs work to reduce runoff in subarctic climates? This is the question that Dag Schéele, student in Master Programme in Architectural Engineering at LTU, investigated in his master thesis project "Rainwater management with green roofs in subarctic climate".

PFAS in wastewater and sewage sludge at Uddebo treatment plant, Luleå

Jonatan Forsberg, who studied Natural resources engineering with a focus on environment and water, has now completed his degree project "PFAS in a Swedish wastewater treatment plant: An analysis of the effectiveness of major treatment steps on 33 PFAS".

Charlotta Jernå har studerat Civilingenjör Naturresursteknik
Master’s thesis about liquid composting of blackwater in Hölö, Södertälje

Charlotta Jernå has studied Natural Resource Engineering, specializing in environment and water at Luleå University of Technology. She has now published her Master’s thesis. The study aimed to evaluate the liquid compost in Södertälje, which is part of the municipality's nutrient recirculation system.

Frida Isaksson
The use of normalization to better understand trends in the concentrations of SARS-CoV-2 in sewage

Frida Isaksson has now finished her research project as part of her degree in Natural Resource Engineering at Luleå University of Technology (LTU). Her study aimed to increase knowledge on factors that affect the concentrations of non-infectious SARS-CoV-2 RNA fragments in sewage and to show the impact of using alternative normalization methods on interpreting viral concentrations in sewage samples.